Level Up

I think one of the hardest things for me is to change my status. It took forever for me to find myself again after being lost in these fools of my past. I was so used to going it alone and not relying on anyone for anything especially not needing validation about who I am. I finally know myself, actually like myself and to be with someone who never let’s you forget that you’re great is different. Yet it is a great feeling that nothing past my status has to change this time around, transitioning to a new level somehow bothers those still on the lower status levels.

We have a unique relationship in that we fill other roles besides just boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t have an old school mentality of just being one thing to my partner. We do everything together and really don’t like being apart. We’re best friends because we started out as just friends and then became more after. He’s also the only guy that could help with my trust issues. I guess since we both were cheated on, abused and betrayed by disloyal people we know how to appreciate what we have with each other. Changing titles is more natural and free flowing so to speak.

Most don’t understand that it’s more than just going from a friend to girlfriend to wife. Yes that’s good to move up in status that way but to grasp what I had to go through and while maintaining who I am at the same time, it was extremely hard. There are haters out there ready to voice their negative, toxic or projecting opinions on my life and relationship. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for you but I’m not the misery loves company type to want to entertain you right now or ever. You don’t know what moves anyone is making within their relationship. You only see from an outside perspective so whatever happens within doesn’t really reflect, affect or concern you. You can’t tell someone else how to be in their relationship. You don’t have all of the facts and even if you did, a relationship of two people is only about those two people not you trying to be relevant.

The main problem is we allow these people to do as they please because they’re broken and we don’t want to further hurt them. Please if I have to be an adult, fend for myself and have responsibilities in this life so do you. This is reality where we go about things in an adult manner. They can’t just do or say what they want anymore without any consequences. I don’t feel sorry for them for not being raised properly and I’m sure not responsible for assisting in raising them after. I don’t support ridiculousness or co-sign foolishness. Children are children and adults are adults. Folks need to learn the difference and act accordingly before they hurt more people in the process while pretending.

The rushed, unplanned, careless, unintentional, spur of the moment, ungodly things people do in life may seem great at the time but because they weren’t done in God’s timimg there are consequences later. So folks can judge me for not keeping up or making moves without their knowledge or permission but God is blessing me every day I stay within his plan. He’s showing me that everytime I allow some of that hate to penetrate me I’m not listening to him. He put dreams on our hearts that no man can define or prevent from coming true. Gotta just keep it pushing and continue with his plan for your individual life. Ignoring folks is difficult but if you want to be blessed know that God don’t bless mess. What you put out negative, positive whatever will come back to you. Karma is no joke but you have to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Pray on that!

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