When you just can’t, anymore!

Love is bigger than everything for real but sometimes it takes a lot to get to the love within. I see so many people together and for the right reasons yet something made them forget that love still lives there. For example, sometimes the right people meet at the wrong time. They just need to come back together when both parties are in the same place in life. Other people swear they were meant to be but when they go to take that big step they realize they want different things in life that don’t match up in the long run. Some jump into temporary relationships that weren’t supposed to be permanent situations not knowing they can’t force what isn’t meant to be in the first place. Then the couples that got together really young so now that they are in a different chapter in life they grow apart instead of just grow up. Others were together for so long, a lifetime, that it just became tiresome and boring. They wanted a new challenge or adventure that their partner just isn’t providing them. Then there’s the work! So many don’t realize that love isn’t the only component to a successful relationship. You have to put in work, both parties do. When you don’t work for something that’s worth it to you, you don’t earn the right to keep it.

Like I said once before “messed up people mess you up and hurting people hurt other people.” There are a lot of hurt people trying to seek healing through another person which intern hurts that person as well. The psycho folks that won’t get the help they truly need will make their partner as messed up as they are as a comfort. You know misery loves company. Anyone can have a life experience of some kind that will change everything in an instant. Trauma can be a huge deal breaker especially if you’re not completely healed from it. There’s no way part of a person can pretend to be whole. I believe that 2 whole people would make for a strong relationship with an even stronger foundation to build upon. If you’re not willing to confide in, support or trust your partner as your bestfriend first then how can you love them enough to keep the relationship going? I can’t possibly love you if I don’t trust you with my life.

Y’all know I’ve seen many of traumatic events in my life. But only one guy has been my rock through the after. See not everyone has their support and care through all the storms in life but if they’re willing to hold an umbrella after knowing the rain might come back again without running for cover leaving you when they hear the slightest bit of thunder or see that small flash of lightning, that’s how you know what they’re here for. Their true intentions, agendas and motivations. We’re not defined by our circumstances but we can most certainly find love because of them. There are seasons to people in your life and seasons to your life. It all comes down to who you want to be and who you want or need someone else to be. Positive or negative? Good or bad? Right or wrong? Loving or toxic? Real or fake? You decide how your life will be. Choose to live a life of love and happiness not stupid decisions with grave consequences. Be who you’re supposed to be, who God made you to be. Life is made of choices. If you don’t want to be seen as a bad choice……don’t act like one!

Then there’s those in a leadership positions that forget that they should love all of those on and below their station. If you love others the power that comes from your position won’t cause you to mistreat anyone else regardless of how high you think you are. They can still use words that are of encouragement instead of belittlement and arrogance. Titles aren’t definitions of character. Some folks believe their title is who they truly are and it then helps create a negative persona and image that the mask they hide behind transforms their actual face. Having a heart that’s big enough to show empathy towards those you can’t exactly relate to will block the fakeness from affecting others. Funny thing is they aren’t fooling anybody. Not everyone is meant to lead yet most are too arrogant to follow.

It’s hard to try to continue the fight. It’s hard to find strength in those weak areas. It’s hard to humble yourself sometimes when your pride takes over. It’s hard to not let outside influences affect what took so long to build. It’s hard to let go and let God handle the tough situations we want to remain in control of. It’s hard to remain in a forward movement that brings forth progress. It’s hard to not give up when you’ve had enough. It’s just plain hard in general. But it’s the result that counts most. How hard is too hard if you didn’t try very hard at all? Because love was absent from the beginning, middle and end.

This time I want it all. There’s no excuse to give up. Finally love has taken a chance on me so that I can’t do as I’ve always done. I can’t feel how I once did and I most certainly can’t view my partner as anything other than my life helpmate. The messed up priorities and opinions of others outside of us and my life need not to hinder my progress. Love has a rightful purpose with many aspects, an intentional lesson to teach and a tremendous influence on those willing to utilize it properly.

Hey if your view of your life is skewed so be it but take your hate somewhere else. Be happy for happiness and recognize the loving change that has occurred. Appreciate it, reciprocate it! Strength in ignorance makes the weak seem strong, bold, open minded but remember us wolves don’t care about the opinions of sheep. If you just can’t anymore it is perfectly fine to distance yourself from nonsense. Not my monkeys……….not my circus! Let love of self, love of others, just love take over. Love is bigger than everything for real but sometimes it takes a lot to get to the love within.