As I think about black history month I wonder why we have to even have it. Black people’s accomplishments have been so overlooked and stolen to redesign for the benefit of the white man to the point we’re erased from overall American history. Why is it if something is “pro-black” it automatically is “anti-white?” Whites weren’t even the first people to inhabit this country so why do they get to determine what is good/bad, acceptable/unacceptable, true/false, honorable/dishonorable, great/deplorable, appropriate/inappropriate for everyone else? If you took away all that blacks have attributed to America trust and believe we wouldn’t be as advanced and the force we present ourselves as to the rest of the world.

Being enslaved for hundreds of years not knowing your ancestral background or able to retrace your footsteps back to a continent (yes the huge continent of Africa with many countries, classes, tribes of people) or acknowledged as a decent human being in the country you now reside in is disheartening. I don’t care that it’s in the past. It’s not your past to comment on! If the past isn’t corrected it will continue to affect the present and help form the future so that history is repeated for generations just to different degrees. Just like I’m not very political I’m also not super feminist or into my blackness 24/7. That doesn’t mean I can’t speak on my truth and that of my people. No I’m not all black yet I do talk about my other parts that were also colonized, darn near destroyed, raped of its culture and history to elevate this American dream. I don’t get how if it doesn’t affect you directly the choices are to either make a racist fuss about it, try to whiten/ whitewash it, or stand silently by. We all know right from wrong whether it affects your well-being or not because it has no color. But it’s not for anyone that isn’t a POC to tell someone who is a POC how to feel about anything that affects their color just because it doesn’t affect you. Making up sayings like “race baiting” to use as an excuse to never have to fully address certain topics that affect races outside of your own or saying “the race card or it’s not about race” isn’t helping the cause. It’s not about race to you because it does not relate to your race. That doesn’t mean you can’t be compassionate and sympathetic to the cause and how it harmfully affects another. Imagine what it’s like to never know where you come from and where you’re going in a new place. That’s what it means to be black in America!

Hair being real or fake it’s nothing but an accessory people. Trust me, I lost my hair from chemo and it grew back. Being bald or wearing a wig didn’t take away from who I was and how I represent my beauty. Same goes for you! Now when it comes to hairstyles that’s a different story. It might just be hair to you but some styles come from other cultures and need to be respected. I hate seeing any POC rocking a style and get ridiculed and called every derogatory ignorant name in the book yet the minute a white person tries it out it’s all the rage, the new hot trend. I’ve watched everything from black hair to Latin dancing to Bollywood to Martial Arts to Yoga to makeup to music to fashion and much more get taken and made greater by white people. Who gives them the right to rewrite the history and culture of others? That’s America for ya! Can’t appreciate and respect things as they are. Always have to whiten it to make it better. Then tell us don’t be proud of your heritage and honor your people any further than we allow you to.

I had a white woman say to me that black people can’t grow their hair that long. Umm wrong! Like we need a reason to wear wigs, weaves or extensions seriously? We like to switch it up just like you, just like everyone else. No need to try to put anyone on blast for being expressive. It’s like she had no idea that black people also are born with blonde hair and blue eyes. There are plenty with long hair but some like a short style. Get over yourself and your ignorant superiority complex please.

I’ve heard another white person say “they don’t need safe spaces when they already have their own stuff like the NAACP, Greek Organizations and schools.” First let’s get something straight, we didn’t separate ourselves from everything. Being excluded causes others to create something that we can be apart of and can thrive in society ok. There are other groups that felt they needed to do the same so don’t sit up here thinking you did anyone a favor so now we need to stay put until you believe we should progress. Funny thing is these other organizations are inclusive and diverse. They may have started for one particular reason but that didn’t make them exclusive to those groups. Only white organizations to this day still try to stay all white. Why? White isn’t a culture. It means clear, void of color, so why concern yourselves with what the colorful people are doing? Why does it bother you so much that another group of people chooses to be proud of their color, their culture, their history? Is it because it doesn’t benefit you or it doesn’t praise you for their existence and successes or maybe because you just can’t understand or relate? It doesn’t NEED to! Just respect it and accept it as it is. Try to understand as much as you can instead of tear down something beautiful so it’s deemed ugly. Tear down someone else so you can rise. Shameful behavior!

News Flash: nothing done to another group of people in history by the whitening has ever stopped them from fighting, growing, building and striving to stay present. Tried to wipe out races of people and guess what, they are still here and ain’t going nowhere. So how about be the America you falsely advertise to be. That melting-pot of cultural richness and diversity. Together as one, loving not hating. Every race that shaped this country being acknowledged as a superior unique nation. That makes for great history!

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