Selective Outrage

Why is it that folks are not upset about what they really need to be upset about? There’s so much going on that people would rather ignore, turn a blind eye or make excuses for ridiculous behavior than properly place their anger. I feel like we’re going back in time some days. This isn’t 2018 it’s 1950.

As a super power in the world we represent what is supposed to be good and free. We’re this unified melting pot of cultural wonderfulness. But we’re so not! America is a delusional mass of everything we claim to be. Where does this come from? Oh yeah racism! In America where the country was basically founded on racism, we have also found a way to make it acceptable in our everyday lives. It’s in the advertising, commercials, tv shows, movies, books, everything…..our history! Most people whom don’t exactly have to worry about the stereotypes and offensive gestures make light of it or further attack those who it does affect. People all over the world are destroying their own beauty and culture to be just like the USA. I’m still trying to figure out how we went from multi-cultural to just a bunch of colors. The children are being poisoned to see these colors and not treat people with the innocent kindness they were born with.

Our beauty ideals are based off of one race and has affected the world that they too want to be westernized with blonde hair and blue eyes. Don’t forget you have to be a size 2 and fair skinned. Women get surgeries, bleach their skin, permanently damage their natural hair texture, starve themselves for the make believe Barbie they aspire to be like. And because these ideals were embedded into them they are unable to love and relate to the beauty they already possess. They’re told that if it’s not what is acceptable or what you see it’s not considered beautiful. I think that every culture has it’s own unique beauty. And every culture has a multitude of shades and sizes to also appreciate. We shouldn’t have to forever be told that we should change to fit into a mold. There needs to be a serious readjustment to how we view and judge beauty.

We got a cartoon character from hell as a President spewing the same hatred, bigotry and racist mantra this so called great country was founded on. Cracks me up that people are quick to compare he who shall not be named to President Obama when he was only ridiculed due to the fact his race didn’t coincide with the color of the house he lived in. I’m not political, I’m a realistic person who can’t believe we let this country come to this. People are now comfortable and brave enough to come out and say whatever they want, hurting whomever they want. If you’re non-white you’re not right basically and get called every derogatory and vulgar word in the book. “Go back to your country.” Seriously, how stupid could you be to make a statement like that when you know slaves didn’t come here on their own free will like a lot of other people did. And immigrants make this country rich in diversity. If you’re a woman like myself forget ever having a say about what happens to your own body. I forgot that men know more about hormones, menstrual cycles, menopause, postpartum and having babies than we do. Anyone who supports or defends this behavior is a huge part of the problem.

People are upset about the wrong things. Be upset that people can’t just be themselves, be beautiful and be good as God originally made them to be. Be upset that other racial groups steal from, create stereotypes of and disrespect other cultures so easily and without remorse. Be upset not just of how we’re viewed by the world but how we view ourselves. Be upset that we can’t fully accept our past enough to not let it repeat or continue to stunt our growth as a nation. Be outraged that we’re more willing to hide, deny, make excuses for and try to justify the truth of how we came to be.

Everything today is like Girl Scout cookies. You now get less product but pay more money. It feels like you’re putting so much into something or someone but not getting much back. Love more, hate less and maybe just maybe the change that needs to happen to build a better America for everyone could exist.