Thanksgiving is that time when people want to give thanks and be thanful but shouldn’t it happen all year long? Shouldn’t you be thankful for life in general? I know I am.

As weird as it sounds, I’m thankful for cancer. If it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t have had the ability to see the real from the fake, be strong enough to not allow or tolerate bs anymore, and be brave enough to raise my standards to finally find a good man for once. Yes it’s a horrible disease that takes the lives of many but those that survived it gave us new life, a changed life for the better. God put me through it because he knew I needed it. I was weak, putting up with ridiculous nonsense and allowing things I shouldn’t to affect my progress. You get comfortable with how things are but refuse to step out on faith to experience things for how they should be because it’s too different. I went from relying on others to being able to rely on myself. There ain’t nothing like turning into a superhero and being able to handle anything and everything like a beast.

Growth comes with change. Life comes with change. Folks can’t stay stagnant waiting for blessings moving forward if you’re not actually moving forward. I was upset at first for being plagued with the Big C but now that I understand the reasoning behind it I’m good. It connects people that would never be connected outside of it. It creates relation so others don’t feel alone in this fight. Sometimes it brings love that blossomed from hardened soil. I makes it easy to weed out the toxicity because people show their true colors in a different light. From a negative a positive can present itself. From the bad you can experience some good. There’s a calm after the storm.

So I’m thankful for life, for breath, for support, for clarity, for love, for patience  for strength, for closure, for the blessings after, for time, for the newness, for being able to enjoy a another day. Sometimes the after, not the before or the during is the opportunity to really think about being thankful for it all because without any of it you may not be who, what or where you are right now. In whatever language you can, say thanks!

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