Think Pink

So of course I’m celebrating my month of pinkness. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness but for me it’s when I can be extra proud of being a survivor. I still can’t believe that I actually had the “Big C” let alone fought and beat it. As a young survivor I think what better tea to talk about than a pink one like Hibiscus. Yes the flower but there are many flowers that are edible and medicinal, this happens to be one of them. I know you’re thinking of the red Hibiscus which is also known as Hibiscus ascetosella but that is only for decorative purposes. The type I’m talking about is the Hibiscus sabdariffa which does have medicinal use, has a lot of health benefits and it’s flowers (calyces) as well as fruit are used to make tea.

I have to warn you that this tea tastes a little tart but if you combine it with cinnamon, raspberry or elder it might taste better. You can drink this tea hot or cold and is low in calories. For those who can’t have a lot of caffeine like me because it will cause migraines, Hibiscus tea is caffeine-free.  The medicinal uses for your 7 chakras are Crown Chakra: depression, Third Eye Chakra: nasal congestion, Throat Chakra: colds and sore throat, Heart Chakra: high blood pressure, Solar Plexus Chakra: liver disease, Sacral Chakra: menstrual pain and Root Chakra: poor appetite. Hibiscus tea is naturally high in vitamins and contains antioxidants. It can be used as a diuretic, for weight loss, to help with respiratory diseases, gum disease, prevent hypertension and treat depression.

I’ve read that Hibiscus tea has a chemo-preventative effect which means it could help fight cancer and has active ingredients that are anti-inflammatory agents.  This means it has tumor-fighting properties and helps arrest the spread of them too. Now I had cancer but chemo brought on some autoimmune issues which is basically inflammation. So this tea might be good for those going through treatment and for after it’s complete. But Hibiscus affects cancerous cells in the skin and brain. “The National Cancer Institute suggests that if you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, you should avoid having hibiscus tea, as it may cause complications when taken along with cancer medications.”  Another downside for those that are Estrogen positive for cancerous tumors or overproduce Estrogen like myself this tea has an affect on Estrogen by lowering its levels. It pretty much can cause reproductive complications. That’s really not a good thing when you have a condition like Endometriosis, are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Those on hormone replacement therapy or birth control shouldn’t drink this tea either. Birth control is used to treat Endometriosis but me being on it for over 20 years is how my breast cancer came to be because of way too much Estrogen. Overall this tea is not for me and because Hibiscus tea can have hallucinogenic effects I think feeling light headed and intoxicated are some good reasons for others to avoid this tea as well.

What I like to focus on is the beauty benefits. Remember all those vitamins I mentioned that are in Hibiscus tea? Well there’s a high level of vitamin C, vitamins A, B1, B2, zinc, iron, natural alpha hydroxy acids and omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails. Talk about a healthy glow but I mean who doesn’t want to be “pretty in pink.” I believe that Pink is a color that represents beauty and just like October it represents all those in the fight for breast cancer. Whether you’re still battling, lost the fight or are a survivor like myself, we are all warriors. Inside and out we have a strength like no other. We rep pink, live pink, fight in pink and always think pink!

*3yr Survivor/Pink Warrior/Wonder Woman*