Oh Chocolat

One of my favorite things to eat is chocolate, also known as “cacao.” As much as I love tea I never thought to look into chocolate tea until my cousin exposed me to it. Apparently it has zero calories and unlike regular chocolate, that is very dehydrating if consumed too much, it is hydrating. Notice I didn’t say the usual and familiar term “cocoa,” I said “cacao” which is very different. Cacao isn’t as strong as anything caffeinated and contains vitamin C, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, theobromine which hardens tooth enamel and healthy fats. It’s considered a natural antioxidant and has more nutritional value than other chocolate because it’s pure. But I doubt most will seek out cacao beans just to have a better flavor experience. So I suggest going with the easier version of cacao which is dark chocolate.

Chocolate tea has medicinal benefits especially dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich with flavanols that help your arteries to relax, improves blood flow and prevents blood clots. It also is a powerful antioxidant that will help reduce cancer risk, heart disease and improves brain function and memory.  Dark chocolate protects the brain from oxidation which is a precursor to many neurological diseases so it’s also good with lowering blood pressure, bad cholesterol and aids as a natural mood-boosting anti-depressant. If you’re interested in preventing diabetes, eat three ounces of dark chocolate a day for a few days and your insulin resistance will lower significantly. It will also boost your metabolism so that you can lose weight and control your diet. I personally love dark chocolate and use it as a stress reducer for my anxiety but also to assist with any pain I have from inflammation. It helps fight fatigue too so that I get enough serotonin to sleep and can be used as a probiotic as well. Live probiotics support healthy digestion and immune system function. Another great thing about probiotics is that it helps fight acne.

Dark chocolate has been known to improve overall health even your appearance. I’m well aware that as a single woman chocolate can come in handy during those lonely depressing moments in life perfect for devouring a huge amount of chocolate to feel better. But why not let it improve your skin which means that you can look good after eating it too. We’re talking about great skin a-la-chocolat! I think now I’m going to combine the two things that make me happy and drink up for that sexy chocolatey glow.