High Anxietea

Life sometimes is a real jerk. It can have your emotions all over the place because of the different things going on and the lack of control we have over them. I seriously had a couple anxiety attacks that sent me into an emotional breakdown the last two weeks. I’ve always had emotional issues pertaining to my hormonal imbalance that is associated with my Endometriosis but ever since chemo my anxiety increased greatly. I get why anyone would be anxious after cancer treatments but the aftermath ain’t much better or easier to deal with especially if the pain is still present.

Both depression and anxiety are symptoms of Endometriosis and women with the condition have a higher risk of developing those symptoms as well as other psychological symptoms. The psychological factors can play a critical role in the pain perception and other symptoms that are commonly found in endometriosis. They can also have an impact on the effectiveness of treatments. “Women with endometriosis commonly suffer from chronic pelvic pain (CPP). Research studies have highlighted the influence CPP can have on patients’ quality of life and psychological well-being. However, high levels of anxiety and depression can alter the way women perceive their pain by reducing their pain tolerance or increasing their sensitivity to physical stimuli in general.” Going through chemo during breast cancer had me acting like a huge ball of anxiety. I have no idea until this day why I was so anxious but it didn’t go away after. There will be emotions that just trigger me to panic out of nowhere. People today are very cruel, unsympathetic and don’t really try to understand how much damage stress can cause to others. Folks can say something they swear is funny but actually is rude and instead of having a great comeback like I used to I will just freeze up and get swallowed by the negativity they just unleashed onto me. I’m not the same person I once was so I handle emotional situations differently. Lately they have been completely out of my control and I just try my best to get through it. I appear so strong yet on the inside I feel so weak. I often times wish my outside matched my inside but it never did. Almost 30yrs of battling heightened imbalanced emotions and horrific pain will strengthen you alright but it can be exhausting too and no amount of sleep will fix that. Yet some tea can be that de-stressing moment you need.

So being the holistic guru I am I had me a nice long epsom salt bath, a Namaste yoga session, a cup of hot lemon water to detox and of course some relaxing tea.  Now the teas that are best for aiding with anxiety are lemon balm and lavender. I had some lemon balm but will be trying lavender soon. You can also combine the two flavors if you choose. Lemon balm tea fights depression, anxiety, is a mood enhancer, increases concentration, encourages relaxation, has calming effects, tames tension and nervousness and helps lift a mild case of the blues. It is a great healer for melancholy and refreshes your spirit by generating enthusiasm. Lemon balm soothes the nerves and creates a sense of satisfaction and wellness. Of course I was feeling much better after a few cups during those uneasy panic attacks. Now lavender tea is mainly used for relaxation because it relaxes muscle pain, tremors, headaches and is a great sleep-aid. It’s good as a stress and anxiety reliever because it acts as a sedative calming the nerves and promoting calmness. I’m told that lavender is strong but is better and more tolerable in combination with other teas like the lemon as I previously mentioned.

Even though these teas are for anxiety I have to always point out that they also have beauty benefits. They both will clear your skin and get rid of acne. Because they calm you they are preventing the stress from causing breakouts. I wouldn’t suggest drinking too much of either since too much of something can make things worse. Yet a little can go a long way and just a little bit of tea might just give you life!



If you would like more information on anxiety and holistic solutions for it here are two articles I think would help bring awareness to the reality of what anxiety really is and how it affects our lives.