I was battling a nasty head cold because this ridiculous weather always determines my health at times. The great part about my life is that there’s a tea that will aid and fix just about anything. So what I used to help get me back to my old self was “Lemon Ginger Tea.”  I don’t know about you but I was never a fan of ginger. The only ginger I enjoy regularly is gingerale. It’s just a little on the strong side and the taste is plain weird freaking out my tastebuds. I tried many different things to try to tolerate it but really the only ingredient that seems to make the ginger taste good is lemon. I can get down with lemon anything because it extenuates the flavor of everything. Plus it is so good for you by itself and can be used in more ways than I can’t even count.

Anyway, this tea was a life saver for me the last two weeks. Yes I had this horrible head cold for that long. It’s still not completely gone but I’m somewhat functional now than when I started out incapable of moving from my bed. So let’s talk lemon ginger tea! I decided to drink this particular tea because it has a lot of health benefits one preventing colds and the flu. The ginger itself helps with the stomach flu and food poisoning due to the positive effects it has on the digestive tract. If you have a bowel disorder, need to get rid of gas, have sensitive digestive tracts or want to cleanse your colon ginger is good for that. It can also relieve migraines by it’s ability to stop prostaglandins from causing pain and inflammation in blood vessels. It also opens up inflamed airways, clears sinuses and fights infections. I just appreciate that ginger reduces pain and inflammation like joint and muscle pain, both internally or topically since I now have an autoimmune disease thanks to chemo. It’s basically a powerful natural painkiller.

Other benefits includes heartburn and menstrual cramp relief, a remedy for motion sickness associated with nausea and hot flashes, enhances appetite and promotes the absorption of essential nutrients into the body and the prevention of diabetic nephropathy (kidney damage). Ginger fights circulatory problems, arthritis and fever as well as stimulates the heart and circulatory systems and can heal frostbite. What I find interesting is the claim that lemon ginger tea can somehow prevent ovarian cysts and certain types of cancers. Being that I suffer from both I don’t exactly believe it can make it so that we don’t need treatment anymore but hey you never know since it does strengthen the immune system which is damaged during cancer treatments. So apparently ginger slows the growth of colorectal cancer cells and induces cell death in all ovarian cancer cells.

The beautiful part about this tea is that it will clear your skin making it smooth and flawless. Because lemon is already used in many DIY beauty products and to detox your body and skin it’s not surprising that your skin will greatly benefit from it. If you desire stronger hair drink up but don’t expect to be like Rapunzel after. Another great benefit is that since ginger helps with all the digestive issues some have like IBS and others I previously mentioned, that means it also helps with weight loss if you’re trying to maintain a certain size. I’m just happy I had this tea that made me feel better but look better too. Ginger is definitely my new medicine in a cup!