Beauty Biz

So I took a little time off to figure out how I was going to revamp my blog and my life. It started out as a way to vent and express myself since people in real life don’t really care enough to listen to what I have to say just b/c it comes from me and I’m no longer a fan of social media. It’s what’s destroying our society and culture. People just are so heartless, uncaring, cruel, just plain evil towards others and they use social media to administer it.  I used to care about how people viewed me, what they thought about my life, their ignorant opinions of me and I’m officially over it. If people never know the real me and base me off of lies so be it. Look only God can handle these people that are insignificant and irrelevant to my journey. I will continue to press forward and be me without the attempted hurt they want to place upon me.

Now that that’s said, this is what I’ve chosen to do with my blog. I’ve dealt with a lot in my life so I can speak on many different topics but the one I want to focus on now is beauty. I was never this girl that was into her appearance or thought of myself as being really attractive. I only cared about being natural, as natural as possible. I don’t like makeup even though I have to wear it on a daily basis. My makeup bag has some very different things in it than what most girls have. I wear foundation to even out my skin tone and clear mascara. Sometimes I do eye shadow but lipstick has never been a friend of mine. I often look like I have lipstick on but to have to actually wear it is torture to me. I’m allergic to eye liner, blush isn’t needed in my case and I stopped plucking my eyebrows once they grew back after losing them during chemo. Beauty to me is about bringing out the natural. I literally make my own face washes, toners, moisturizers etc. Having radiant clear skin and healthy curly hair is my only goal. In order to achieve this I swear by tea. Yes I just said tea. I believe it has wonderful healing properties for just about every issue out there and is a great ingredient in DIY beauty products.

I pretty much went through a whole “ugly duckling” sort of phase and then all a sudden people can’t stop telling me I’m beautiful. It’s extremely annoying but I’m deciding to own it now which is why I took on the “Goddess” alias. It means more than just beauty but it is a start in a more positive self-worth direction. Even though cancer can make you feel so ugly, you can still find a way to bring the beauty from within out. I want all of those that have gone through such a horrific ordeal to know that we may lose our hair, our complete identities but we’re still beautiful. We fought and survived the ugly Big C and there’s nothing ugly about that. So my goal now is to encourage others to want to be their own kind of beautiful. To redefine the beauty norms and show the world that no matter what we go through in life it doesn’t take away our beauty. I’m a beautiful warrior and guess what, so are you!