Tis the Season

I literally hate this time of year. The holidays are the worst because they really bring out the worst in people and sometimes it shows you who people really are or have been all year long. Think about it, it’s cold as the arctic outside so that can make you irritable and moody then top that off with selfish thoughts of gifts. Yes selfish! Why do we need gifts? Isn’t still having life and a purpose gift enough? I’m sorry but it really irks me that some people are so bent out of shape over either spending a ridiculous amount of money or getting more things in one day than some people will ever see in a year. To me it’s more of a wants vs needs issue. You want a bunch of stuff that you may or may not even use but it isn’t anything that you actually need. Look I need to pay my bills, get groceries and gas for my car. I don’t need a bracelet, a new top of the line electronic thing or a fancy scarf. Priorities still come into play even during the holidays people, no excuse.

What’s really sad is those people who not only make demands about what gifts they want but have the audacity to try to complain about the gift because they didn’t like it. Excuse you! It’s a gift, you don’t have the right to talk about what you don’t like. I get re-gifting which I would do if I got something that wasn’t my style or taste but to act ungrateful is a whole other story. I just wish that we were all taught that material things mean nothing. It’s funny how in November we all are thankful for the little things and life in general but the next week all you hear is “what I want for Christmas is…..” Technically the next Friday after Thanksgiving the psychos are out attacking each other for Black Friday. Never understood the reasoning behind drop kicking a lady over a doll, punching a man for taking the last tv or bringing children with you so that they can really see how body slamming another person over expensive toys and clothes is the good Christian thing to do. I know that sounds a little extreme but in some cases it’s really not. I can’t make this stuff up it’s just how we do in America.

So the whole attitude change gets me every year. I end up deleting so called friends like right before New Years every year. I don’t know why but I have to almost clean house before I start a new year. I can’t take toxic people any further in my calendar. One year is enough thank you. The couples look down on the singles like we’re missing out on something because we have no one to cuddle up with by the fire or kiss under the mistletoe. Yes it probably is nice to have someone during this time but there’s no guarantee that if you do the holiday is somehow merrier. I prefer to see family and make memories. Of course I’m not a fan of turkey because when your mom makes everything under the sun out of it starting Thanksgiving everyday until the New Year you would hate it too. It just seems that the holidays make the everyday struggle even harder. There’s this pressure to make your house glow brighter than the others. I mean people get out of control like they want to be seen from space. Please tell me what lights, giant reindeer, frosty and a greedy for Christmas cookies needing to stop breaking into people’s homes Santa has to do with the baby Jesus? You can’t mix all that confusion on your lawn. It’s enough some neighbors will give you the side eye if you don’t have the acceptable amount of decorations displayed for their judgment. I’m not about Christmas cards either. Ok it’s nice if you give me one that you set up a special photo shoot for but don’t expect one from me. I really don’t have the will power to put something together that can be super festive exemplifying how much I love all the snow and ice outside that I can’t stand driving in or waking up to Christmas morning. No that’s not Grinch like behavior, it’s a I got more of a good will toward men approach going on.

I’m all for the coming together to celebrate whatever it is you celebrate but I’m not about forgetting what the holidays are really about. Truthfully, everyday should be a holiday. You should think about helping others and showing them kindness everyday. You should want to have your priorities and finances in order period. You should always want to treat the next person how you want to be treated. You should know the difference between what you only want and what you really need everyday. You should want to spread joy, love, peace and whatever other emotion that creates happiness every chance you get. I’m just saying, if this is a seasonal thing then it only makes sense to recognize the people and things that are seasonal as well. Next season shouldn’t reflect the same characteristics as the previous one. Tis the season to get your life!