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So how do I begin to tell this story? I’m a believer in fairy-tales, romance, love at first sight, all that mushy stuff you name it. No I’m not crazy or immature. I  just have the tendency to want to always have a happy positive ending to everything. As I’ve grown up I know that not every situation will end well no matter how hard I tried to make it so. The worst part of growing up is that sometimes you will have to deal with a lot of crap before you can enjoy the good parts.

My life has been a battle that I’ve won each time God willing. I had stopped believing that I would ever get my fairy-tale ending as I’ve dreamed of for so long. Each and every prospect was a dead end of disappointment of epic proportion. Just kissed way too many frogs and am tired of getting warts instead of a Prince if you know what I mean. I actually gave up on love as well. That’s my favorite word and I’ve spent my whole life trying to achieve it and to experience it for myself. Tired of only seeing it and never getting to feel it. I’ve spent years allowing guys to prove their worth to me. Instead they have destroyed my optimism and confidence in them as well as their trust. Can’t trust no lying, betraying, disrespectful man. Sorry I’m not the one boo! They changed my perspective on relationships and men in general. I began to think of them as opportunist that only wanted to cause me harm and use me for their own personal matters. They didn’t want to know me, care for me, appreciate me, respect me or even love me. Speak the word “relationship” and watch them run for the hills. Cowardly punks! So they took everything from me that made me the hopeless romantic I once was. Everything I was willing to give to support them and our relationship. I give and they just take. Like the saying goes “being a hopeless romantic stuck in a hook up culture is a special kind of hell.” This started with my very first boyfriend and all the way up to my present. I’ve taken this test and failed so many times that I had given up trying. This last time though, I decide d to change my answers and the result was astonishing. I finally passed!

By taking a leap of faith and having an ounce of hope left I ended up meeting my soulmate. The exact moment I decided to put me first and not continue this vicious cycle I was given my greatest dream. I always envisioned the man of my dreams and how he would treat me and make me feel. I knew that we would connect on every level possible, that he would accept me for who I am and never want to change anything about me. That he would give as much if not more than I give to make this work and not let anything tear us apart. I wanted him to be caring, compassionate, loyal, long to be with me and only me. I knew he would be a real man and a strong protector. He wouldn’t see my flaws as flaws or judge me because of my weaknesses. I would feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet and would have him to thank for letting me know that I can have what I truly want in this life. It’s not just a dream, it’s not made up or not worth continuing to strive for. So as I took this new step I now have the opportunity to build my kingdom with my King as his Queen.

It was nothing short of amazing how we met out of nowhere and everything just clicked. It’s like we both knew right away that this is it, at first sight. Everything I’ve gone through was worth it to meet him. I’ve never been happier in my entire life. My heart skips a beat when I hear his voice. I can’t stop smiling just thinking about him. I feel like I’ve never felt before, this weird yet wonderful feeling of calm. Just knowing he shares in my thoughts and feelings is a relief. A blessing, a huge exciting blessing that I’ve waiting so long for. I can’t explain it and there aren’t enough words to describe him. But this is real, my reality and my dream come true. Prince Charming finally came on his white horse to save me. Granted I am a super-heroine and don’t need saving but to finally have a man that can let me not be so super 24/7  and just be a woman means a lot. Love, that word I didn’t think I could know I now know as true, it exists. I could care less what others say about it. We know what it is and what it took to get here. Thank you Jesus for not allowing me to completely give up. I now have a partner of the highest caliber right by my side. That missing puzzle piece that just fits perfectly in place creating a picture of what could be that I never thought would be.

I was told that God’s plan will always be greater and more beautiful than all my disappointments. This holds so true in this instance. I had plans, dreams etc but nothing went as planned. I thought God was punishing me for something I couldn’t remember doing. But intern he was testing me and making me stronger with every painful task at hand. He knew that there was greatness awaiting me. That I had a future I knew nothing about because he wasn’t done molding me into the woman that this man was sent to find. That I too will get my happily ever after. I want to spread nothing but love and encourage those that have had it as rough as me to never give up on your dreams. They can come true. Don’t let this world and all the haters make you feel as if you don’t deserve anything. God made you so you deserve everything and some. The other saying is “if he wanted to, he would’ve. Never beg a man for the things you know you deserve. The right man will give you everything you deserve and everything you never knew about.” And trust, he is Mr. Right! Prayer changes things and it changed everything for me. Okay Sleeping Beauty is about to get her wake up kiss. Gotta go folks 🙂

Much Love & Blessings to all!