Computer love

I never thought that I would still be single after 30. Heck 25 actually but I became single at 26 and haven’t had luck finding any decent man worth my time. Some people are able to meet their significant others at the supermarket, church, school, work, at events and in other unique ways. Me on the other hand am one of those people who need to resort to online dating as an opportunity to meet someone special.

People like to say that online dating is where all the psychos are and the people only looking to hook up. Umm news flash folks, you can meet crazy and shallow anywhere ok. Most of my exes I met the regular way and they were just as much of an asshole as some of the guys I’ve met online. How you meet them has nothing to do with what kind of man you’re meeting. And this goes for the women too. Crazy is just crazy and you can find it anywhere and at any time. Yes there are some real freaks of nature online but that tends to happen when you group a bunch of people together in one small place. It gives the illusion that the crazies only exist online but that’s so not true.

I’ve been on over 5 different online dating websites over the last 5 years. It’s hard to find a good one to trust sometimes. I’ve had to go to a few twice just to try to have a better experience the next time around. I gave the sites a chance just like I gave guys that don’t deserve it second chances. I’m outta patience but I’m willing to stick to my standards. If a guy can’t reach them then he’s not meant to exist in my world. I used to feel guilty about not giving someone a chance. I thought it meant that I was too confident in myself. You try being bullied then called only good for one thing and see if you’re willing to deny someone a chance if they show interest. It was hard to say no because I knew I wouldn’t want someone to say no to me. But after so much disappointment and disrespect I refuse to repeat this pattern any longer. If I don’t want or like you so be it. I will block you then delete any contact you make with me. I can sleep just fine at night doing this thank you.

With the new year I told myself that I was going to try to find someone just one last time online. I had a different way of looking at dating, the thing I really don’t do. I’m a relationship type of person and the little boys I’ve encountered are scared of the word itself. So with this new approach I hoped that the outcome would be much different. I’m too old for the bs and games these youngins like to play. Toying with another person’s emotions is cruel. It’s wrong as hell and I’m not tolerating it anymore. I make the rules and if you’re man enough to abide by them ok but if not, take a nice hard left. Why is it so hard to be upfront and honest about your true intentions, I don’t know. Now I’m experiencing a lot of the start a convo and 3 comments in just cut all contact altogether types. Who does that? Oh I see, if I’m not willing to get all freaky and nasty with you showing that I’m just a piece of ass you won’t continue talking to me. I’m sorry I thought you really wanted to have a normal conversation and get to know me for real. I know a few love stories that started online but it seems like mine won’t be written just yet.

I’m not sure how much more I can take. The constant and overwhelming messages of the highest creepy and inappropriate level. I almost feel harassed in a way. They just can’t say hi or how are you doing or I would like to get to know you etc. It’s already awkward that you might like them but they won’t like you or that you get the courage to start the conversation yet they finish it. I’m not even sure what information to put on my profile. I mean yes you want something that is catchy but you don’t want to put all your business out there so that you have a bunch of stalkers as a result. It’s disappointing and depressing to have to resort to online dating especially if you have expectations of actually meeting a decent person yet all you’re getting are horny losers looking for a good time. The higher the expectation the harder the process is. Well maybe only in my case. I finally get some standards and the weeding through the fools gets deeper. I have to stay prayed up that’s all and wait to see if my mate will find me online or just maybe in the outside world. Being cautious and smart about the steps you take in the dating game is best. It’s most definitely a game but you can either play by the rules or create your own. Either way make sure that the winner is you!