I’m a Christian! Not ashamed to say so either. I don’t care if someone dislikes my beliefs, yes beliefs not religion. There’s a difference and if you don’t know that then you are part of the problem. I read my bible, I go to church, I sing on the choir and I pray regularly. I’m also the type that always strives to do the right thing. It’s just like I don’t need someone to talk to God for me b/c I can do it myself. The issue that I have is those that think they’re the ultimate Christians. Those that judge others all b/c they sin differently and have the ability to hide who they really are behind the church. You’re not God’s BFF or sidekick to attack people like me who are trying to do our best. We’re trying to do the right thing and live this life correctly. Granted we all make mistakes b/c we’re human. No one is God or like God or even on his level. Yet many pretend that they are. The perfect Christians that rule over the rest of us and feel it’s your duty to judge all those that aren’t like you.

Folks have questionable morals or none at all, they uncontrollably curse like sailors, drink a lot, steal, cheat, lie like it’s the truth from Jesus’s lips himself, smoke everything that can be lit up, watch darn near pornographic shows, shack up with losers, have several spouses, lots of children out of wedlock, chilling at the club which are all sins might I add and the list goes on. I would take my 2 to 3 choice words upon anger and my celibacy over the garbage others do any day yet I’m still judged harshly. But these people think we don’t know what they do, how they sin. They think they’re better than me and have the right to judge me. Well you don’t and I’m calling you out. We all sin just in different ways and to different degrees. Can’t no one judge anyone period. Only God can come and tell me that I’m a bad Christian not the fake lady with the big church hat. I don’t care if you got Bishop, Elder, Pastor, Reverend, Deacon, First Lady, Apostle etc before your name, you’re just as sinful as the rest of the congregation. For people to feel that they are so perfect and sin free to look down on someone while forgetting their own sins is just ridiculous to me. Oh b/c they don’t know what you do when you step outside of church that makes it ok to judge me, hell no!

I know I’ve made mistakes and I own them. I’ve also learned from them and won’t let anyone else repeat them if I can help it. It really burns my biscuits that people want to put their “only on church grounds holy costume” on and use it to trick or treat with our souls. My past is my past not yours. My pain is my pain. My business is my business. It’s between me and God not you. When you quote bible verses all day even on facebook but can’t apply those principles to your own life, you’re fake. Isn’t there enough hate in this world than to use one’s beliefs to hurt one another. This world is already going to hell in a hand basket, so why not be kind and love one another. Why waste your time passing judgement on others trying to make yourself feel better? God is not going to give you an extra gold star or cookies for helping him do his job. You’re like a super hypocrite and don’t know it. Flying around using your holy powers to hurt other people. We’re all in this trying to get to the same place and accomplish the same thing. Using the bible to justify bad behavior and sins isn’t going to make you look any better.

I don’t have Godly relationships with everyone especially in my church and I don’t have to. I will not force one to suit others needs. It doesn’t always work out so I’ll treat folks as I do the others I don’t have relationships with. Not everyone needs to know my personal business outside of church. That’s a privilege not a right. If they abuse that privilege and my kindness I’m not obligated to allow them to continue treating badly until they decide to be nice back. Some people may be ok with that but I’m not. You treat others as you want to be treated yes but after being treated badly by those who you’re kind to will make you just pray harder for folks. I end up praying a lot about a lot of things and for a lot of people. We all sin differently but the fact is we all sin. Ain’t nobody perfect and ain’t nobody a saint. Don’t go pointing your righteous fingers at anyone up on that high horse no closer to heaven than me. Stop thinking that the good deeds will guarantee you pearlie gate access. You’re no more virtuous than those you judge.

You’re only as innocent as the horns holding up your halo!