Act Like You Know

I’ve been reading a lot about relationships, soulmates, life partners and even how to love someone that doesn’t know how to be loved. All of these topics seem so simple to resolve and so basic in explanation but they’re so much more complicated than that. Dealing with someone outside of yourself isn’t easy. If there’s no understanding of where that person is coming from or what they’ve been through which explains why they might be a little different now, then it won’t work. You have to communicate! That’s the number one thing that will make or break any type of relationship. If you can’t express how you feel in a productive way that brings the two of you closer then you will notice that you will start to be pushed further apart. Of all people, your partner should be easy to talk to and communicate with. Why would you want to be with someone that you consider to be scary or mean? We’re talking about the other part of you that helps to make you even more whole than you already are. That part can’t be toxic or not ripe enough b/c the relationship is serious. This isn’t a game! I don’t get why people will go into serious situations like nothing matters, like no responsibility needs to be taken, like they can just have a do over if things didn’t go as planned. A relationship is work period. What you put in you need to want to grow and become something beautiful or why waste your time?

Some just like the words but cant express the actions related to them. Of course that’s about growth through maturity not age. So anyone at any given age can know what they want and how they want it. The growth is willing to do what it takes to have what we truly want. When you have strong foundations everything that comes forth from it will be great. Can’t let the fear of failure keep you from what your heart desires. If the thought of the other person not being in your life is imaginable, then fight for them to stay. Why push away God’s blessing? Yes there will be changes b/c in life nothing stays the same. You have to able to handle the grown up things if you want to make grown up decisions. There are consequences to all actions. Some people think they can just go around breaking hearts and taking numbers. Everything you do will catch up to you in due time. Do you really want to be that person that gave up on love b/c you let fear take over what could’ve been? At some point you will want to wake up from the dream and live it in reality.

Act like you know what you’re doing. Act like you know this is what you really want or not. Act like you know both our hearts matter. Act like you know this is about love. Act like you know this is real. Act like you know God is running this show. Act like you know me!

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