Dim My Sparkle

I’m feeling some kind of way. I thought that once I got into my 30’s folks would judge me less b/c I was at my comfortable grown age. But boy was I wrong! I hate having to defend and explain myself. Yes we all shouldn’t care what other say about us but come on I’m human. I have feelings regardless of popular belief.

I unlike many women have a lot of guy friends. I enjoy the company of males over females. Could be b/c I can relate to them more since I’m on tomboy, guy’s girl, non-high maintenance level. I’m not a girlie girl but I can most definitely dress to the nines when necessary. I’m more of a fan of sneakers and yoga pants. Sorry I can’t get down with the heels, makeup and street walker outfits. But trust, I can make a man cry working some sweats!

It’s just that when you’re different and not what others are used to, you get judged. Everything about me is judged no matter what. Just have to get used to not being the world’s cup of tea I guess. I love being in my Mo-ness 24/7 original glam. If the glow of me is too much for your eyes put your shades on!

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