Introducing the Goddess

Since this is my very first post I think I should introduce myself. I’m Mo! There’s no other way to put it but I’m a lot of woman and most people can’t handle me in any way, shape or form. My Mo-ness is contagious and addicting. I have no problem being open and expressing myself. If you don’t like what I have to say, I suggest you just don’t listen b/c I speak truth. Never will you catch me not keeping it real but don’t expect me to cater to your feelings. I used to be too caring and that got me in really messed up positions I choose to never be in ever again. I write for me and me only but if in some way my words inspire or encourage someone, that’s a great feeling but it’s not my intention.

I’m a breast cancer survivor only 1yr cancer free as of April 1st. So I went from being a really nice person who put everyone before myself to a one woman show. The min I decided to fend for myself was the best moment of my life. People take advantage of you when you’re too soft. After cancer, I’m harder than steel. You can’t break me but you can sure try especially if you enjoy pain. With my new found strength came strong ass words. I don’t need to ever use my fists b/c my words make folks cry. It’s not a regular thing, just if you take me there and trust, you don’t want to go there.

I consider myself above a Queen, I’m a Goddess! How that came about is a really long story that I have no patience to explain right now. All you need to know is I earned the title and my French name translates to “wise advisor & counselor.” I’ve had the ability to give really great advice my whole life. I have advised people on subjects I haven’t even experienced yet. It’s a God given talent I guess and I’ve helped so many people in the process. The only issue is that I can’t take my own advice. Sad but true so I’m hoping my soul mate is the type of guy that not only can understand me but will give me great advice. I’ve waited a long time for that to happen and I think I’ll be waiting even longer b/c it takes a real man to handle all this woman.

So that’s a little about me but don’t worry there’s more to come!

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